Le coeur a ses raisons ( 2005 )

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Le coeur a ses raisons is a breathtaking parody of some popular TV drama series (soaps), a tragical family saga with unbelievable intrigues and filled with completely absurd characters. The story takes pace in Saint Adrews. Brett Montgomery is a rich businessman, head of a large cosmetics company. He shares the control of the family empire with his evil twin brother Brad. Brett's wife Criquette also has a twin sister, Ashley, a registered nurse. Le coeur a ses raisons opens up to a completely popped out universe where, pushed to extreme limits, one can witness the love intrigues, the family tragedies, the power struggles, the treachery, the plotting, the stories of adultery and where is also played the classical struggle between good and evil.
Genres Comedy, Romance
Released Feb 03 2005
Duration 0 minutes
Starring Anne Dorval, Annie Dufresne, Elise Guilbault, Pascale Bussières, Macha Grenon, Sophie Faucher, Patrice Coquereau, James Hyndman, Patrick Huard, Michele Deslauriers, Guylaine Tremblay, Marc Labrèche