Yabanci damat ( 2004 )

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Nazli (Nehir Erdogan), daughter of the famous baklava seller (Erdal Özyagcilar ) in Gaziantep, finished her education in Ankara and returned to her home town. The family who is looking forward to the coming of their daughter is very pleased. Bu Nazli awaits a surprise. Kahraman Bey promised his business partner Okkes (Zeki Alasya) the marriage of his daughter and his son Kadir (Engin Akyürek). Nazli opposes this severely. First her father Kahraman, her mother Feride (Sumru Yavrucuk), her grandpa Memik (Arif Erkin), her sister (Binnur Kaya), her brother-in-law (Ilker Aksum) are against Nazli's opinion. The given promise cannot be broken! The day when Okkes and Kadir comes to ask for Nazli's hand in marriage, the girl runs away and goes to her schoolmate Zeynep in Bodrum. She gets a job in a hotel in Bodrum and starts working. Nazli's family looks for her everywhere. Nazli meets a good-looking young man in Bodrum, a foreigner. Nazli believes the boy is British. Yet, he is a Greek called Niko (Özgür Çevik ) whose family migrated from Istanbul to Athens. How will the friendship of a Greek boy and a girl from Antep turn out? For, the two countries' people have always lived in enmity for years. Though it works! Nazli and Niko fall desperately in love with each other yet there remain two big obstacles. Okkes and his son Kadir who is pursuing with all their clan. And Niko's girlfriend (Natalia Doussopoulos) who is a pop star. How will the couple get rid of them? How will their family respond? Niko's family who dislikes Turks and Nazli's family who doesn't like the Greek. The serial adorned with Turkish and Greek melodies is shot in Bodrum, Gaziantep, Istanbul, the Greek Island of Simi and Athens.
Genres Romance
Released Nov 12 2004
Duration 0 minutes
Directed By Durul Taylan
Starring Yilmaz Gruda, Erdal Özyagcilar, Zeki Alasya