Otogi zôshi ( 2004 )

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It is in the middle of the Heian era -- By famine and the epidemic, the capital was totally ruined. However, in spite of that situation, the samurai and the Yin Yang fortune-teller were continuing the ugly argument for the hegemony. The Emperor felt sorry for people in pain, and he ordered Minamoto No Raiko, who was an expert of a bow, to search the legendary comma-shaped bead of having the supernatural powers which bring about peace in a capital. However, Raiko was suffered from the epidemic, and became ill in bed. Therefore, the end daughter of Minamoto, Hikaru No Kimi, hid her true figure and made a trip to look for the bead instead of her elder brother. During her trip, she met various kinds of people, and she increased the comrades, including a faithful partner, Watanabe No Tsuna. Hikaru met the handsome actor, Mansairaku, and the mysterious Yin Yang fortune-teller, Abeno No Seimei, who maneuvered secretly in the black side of the government, and she was involved in various accidents. Though she felt for Mansairaku, she hid her feelings, and acted like a guy. Then she would gradually throw herself into the big battle for the capital.
Genres Animation
Released Jul 06 2004
Duration 0 minutes
Directed By Mizuho Nishikubo
Starring Steve Staley, Barbara Goodson, Shinichirô Miki, Paul St Peter, Michael Forest, Jamieson Price, Ezra Weisz, Doug Stone, Julie Ann Taylor, Joey Lotsko, Kan Tokumaru, Dave Mallow, Tom Wyner, Michael McConnohie, Kenta Miyake, Tony Oliver, Kim Strauss, Lex Lang, Steve Kramer, Kirk Thornton