Bitch Slap ( 2009 )

Action - 109 minutes
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Synopsis When three curvaceous babes arrive at a desert hideaway to steal over $200 million from an underworld kingpin things quickly spiral out of control.
Released May 16 2009
Produced In USA
Directed By Rick Jacobson
Starring William Gregory Lee, Bianca Barnett, Renee O'Connor, Debbie Lee Carrington, America Olivo, Zoe Bell, Tyrone Power Jr, Kevin Sorbo, Carla Collins, Eurlyne Epper, Mark Lutz, Christine Nguyen, Ron Melendez, Brian Peck, Lucy Lawless, Minae Noji, Dennis Keiffer, Michael Hurst, Carmen Jimenez, Karen Austin, Jennifer Miller, Tony Gardner, Erin Cummings,

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