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Synopsis When a turn of the century prison reformatory is slated for demolition, a grisly discovery is made. Hidden deep underground beneath the west cell block is a sub-basement structure that has not been entered in 100 years. Inside are the skeletal remains of several brutally slain children. As a CSI team arrives at the prison, an even more disturbing discovery is made that will eventually unveil a legion of seven demons and their even more chilling origins: each demon is responsible for one of the seven deadly sins. Seven deadly sins...Seven deadly demons...Seven more deadly ways to die...
Released Oct 05 2007
Produced In USA
Directed By Jeff Thomas
Starring Paul Linke, Vanessa Ross, Daniel Zacapa, Reggie Bannister, Joel Polis, Mark Chavarria, Richard Van Vleet, Rick McCallum, Christopher Knight, Martin Kove, Kane Hodder, Jack Ford, David Hess, Michael Dorn, Christie Hemme, Kevin McCarthy, Farah White, Larry Varanelli, RA Mihailoff, Michael Berryman, Ruth Buzzi, Bill Moseley,

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